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No Drone Zone signs for sale

Despite the fact that I am a strong drone proponent, I understand that there are places where drones are not allowed.  To make is easier for a location where drones are not allowed to give dronists fair and reasonable notice of this fact, we have come up with the following products sold under the brand name "No Drone Zone":

1.  No Drone Zone signs.  We have two versions, each is free to download or we can mail you a paper or cardboard version for $5.00.  Please let us know…

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Here is another way drones can be used for people needing  assistance with defibrillator delivery.  See here how

"Flirtey and REMSA have partnered in Nevada to use drones to delivery automated external defibrillators to victims of cardiac arrest. Before the partnership can take off, however, the companies need to get regulatory approval."  by Robotics Trends

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