Four Things NOT To Do With Your Drone by Liz Greene

When I was younger, remote control cars were the cool thing to have — especially the battery powered cars that didn’t need a cord connected to the controller. That’s all I wanted for my birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion I could get away with asking for a gift. Not only did I just want a remote control car, but I wanted all the accessories as well.
Drones are the new remote control cars with a myriad of parts and accessories to add on. You have the option to assemble your drone collection from the ground up or purchase a kit that comes with everything you need to fly. And, with the massive growth in drone popularity, it’s important to state some of the things we shouldn’t do with drones — with a dose of humor, of course.

1.  Crash Weddings

When choosing a photographer/videographer for your wedding, make sure you hire someone that knows what they’re doing. Drone videography can create awesome videos from your wedding, but choose wisely in who you pick to run the drone. Choose a rookie pilot and you might get drilled in the head by a drone. Enjoy! See video here.

Image ©Sky News

2.  Import Drugs over the US Border

It finally happened. Someone really tried to fly drugs over the US border and expected to get away with it. According to Sky News, “Two California teenagers are facing lengthy prison sentences after what is thought to be the first US drug seizure involving a drone flying across the border from Mexico.” It’s fun to laugh at someone who really thought they could get away with this. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t the last time it will happen. 


3. Shoot Roman Candles at your Friends

I know this looks like fun, but probably not one of the best uses of a drone. This is hilarious to watch these guys running through the snow, without shirts on, from a drone shooting roman candles at them. Even though this is very funny, I don’t recommended using your drone in this way. Once again, enjoy!  See Video here.

Image ©Susanne Romo

4. Mess with Wild Animals

It’s always fun playing with our animals, right? It’s fun to see how they react to different toys, balls, ropes, etc. But how would your animal react to a drone flying by? My dogs wouldn’t do so well, and neither do bighorn sheep.

Last year in Zion National Park a drone flew over a herd of bighorn sheep and, reportedly, separated young bighorn sheep from adults. It’s definitely fun to play with our animals, but not all animals like to be messed with in their natural habitat. Now drones are banned in every National Park in America.

Drones are (obviously) growing in popularity, and wiith growth comes regulations. You’re probably not the type of person who will show up on a list like this, but don’t make the mistake of breaking a law you don’t know about. Stay up-to-date with drone regulations as they change frequently and as always — enjoy

Liz Greene hails from the beautiful city of trees, Boise, Idaho. She’s a lover of all things geek and is happiest when cuddling with her dogs and catching up on the latest Marvel movies. You can follow her on Twitter @LizVGreene

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