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Drone World Expo - Be Our Guest in November


Come to Drone World Expo and visit InterContinental IP APC in Booth 304

November 17-18, 2015

San Jose Convention Center

San Jose, CA 

The Defining Event for the Commercial Applications of UAS Technology

In the Heart Of Silicon Valley

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The DWE Conference will feature world-class panel discussions and workshops on the current regulatory environment, humanitarian applications for UAS, international lessons learned, how drones are transforming Big Data and IoT, insurance standards, safety and privacy concerns, late-breaking industry news... and an exclusive series of case studies! Hear directly from end users in agriculture, construction, cinematography, oil and gas, utilities, conservation, real estate and more on the process, the pitfalls and the potential of UAS for your business! Conference Details…

In the DWE Exhibit Hall, see hundreds of products on display! Experience live flying demonstrations, sit in on dozens of Tech Talks, and enjoy special events and unmatched networking opportunities!

DWE is pleased to offer complimentary full conference passes to qualified end-users.* Use VIP Code EXHVIPCwhen registering to apply.

(Not an end-user? Register now and save on your conference pass or get your free expo pass!)

Drone World Expo has also partnered with MAPPS to offer specialized geospatial programming! Attend the MAPPS geospatial sessions at DWE for just $95!

*Complimentary conference passes are available to qualified end-users. End-users are defined as those with technology purchasing authority or purchasing influence who are currently employed by a commercial company that utilizes or has the potential to implement UAS technology for business purposes, but does not sell UAS technology products, services, integration or consulting. Company website is required and will be used in the qualification process. Please contact us at 203-371-6322 or with any questions.


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To Dronie or Not to Dronie, That is the Question

In early 2014 Twitter filed for trademark protection on the word “Dronie” in a number of classes relating to software, online communities, aerial photography, and other internet/photography-related types of services.  Now, as anyone who has been involved in the drone community knows, the terms “dronie” has been used for some time as a “selfie” that is taken from a drone.  Indeed, Dronestagram has had drone photography contests where one category was “Best Dronie”. 

Unfortunately for Twitter, the USPTO trademark examiner, who may or may not have been a drone flyer who took “dronies”, initially rejected the application, claiming that that the word “dronie” was merely descriptive as it just described the goods or services Twitter was intending to provide.

Twitter then responded, claiming to have invented the phrase “dronie” and apparently believes that everyone else copied that phrase when discussing “dronies” and having drone photo contests for “dronies”.   This argument did not carry weight with the USPTO as the examiner just gave “Dronie” a Final Rejection.

What can Twitter do?  I think their only hope is to prove they were the ones who coined the term “dronie”, and then publicized their use of the term well before others began using it.  However, since they filed the application under “intend to use”, this will be a difficult argument to make.

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Local Carlsbad patent attorney Eric Hanscom was recently one of five drone videos selected as winners in a recent DJI contest.


His winning…

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