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I know that it is somewhat presumptuous to give away a monthly award before the month is over, but as of February 10, we have someone who has so personified the word Dridiot (Drone-flying idiot) that there is simply no point in waiting another 20 days -- no one (I hope) can top this Dridiot. And so, Diego Miranda who uploaded this video, we know you aren't the idiot who flew it, but if you find that guy, please tell him, a) be thankful you apparently don't live in the US or I would personally turn him into the FAA, and b) enjoy your 15 minutes of fame courtesy of our website, because you truly are, the DRIDIOT OF THE MONTH. Also, you are giving drunk government employee who crashed the drone by the White House an early challenge for the coveted Dridiot of the Year award.

June Dridiot of the Month!

Enrique Iglesias injured in concert mishap with a drone!

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Enrique Iglesias continued his show after a drone injured his hand during a Saturday concert.

The mishap occurred in front of some 12,000 people in Tijuana, Mexico, as part of Iglesias' "Sex and Love" world tour.

A flying drone is used during shows to get crowd shots. Iglesias is known to grab the drone and turn it on himself and the audience to give a "point of view shot," Bonilla said in a statement.

Saturday was one of those days. Pictures and videos from the event show Iglesias grabbing the drone and attempting to turn it before he abruptly drops it.

Adile Flores, who claimed to witness the event and record it on her phone, said the blood splatter landed on close to the stage. He continued with the concert even though it was clear he was bleeding heavily, she told CNN. Eventually, he raised his hands as if to show he was bleeding and left the stage. About 10 minutes later, he returned with his hand wrapped, she said.

A bloody mess!

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  • Dridiot of the Month for February is now closed.  The Dridiot who flew his drone into the flight path at McCarron Airport in Las Vegas takes the cake.  Actually, in honor of the incredible degree of stupidity this dronist has shown, we are giving him/her the "Dridiot of the Quarter" award.  To accept this award, please give us your name and address and we will send you your reward (and cc:  the FAA on your personal information, I'm sure they have somethnig for you too).



    Video shows drone coming close to plane landing at McCarran
    A shocking viral video showing a drone coming close to a plane landing near McCarran is now being investigated by the FAA.
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