Local Carlsbad patent attorney Eric Hanscom was recently one of five drone videos selected as winners in a recent DJI contest.


His winning video tells the story of a project he did in his wife’s native Thailand in which he used his drone to shoot stills and video of the roofs of some Buddhist temples.  Roof inspections are one of the most dangerous jobs that a Buddhist monk has to do.  The temple roofs are steeply sloped and often 40 or more feet off the ground.  The ladders they use are often bamboo poles cobbled together with nails, screws and even pieces of cut up inner tubes.

Hanscom flew his drone over the temples, taking both still photographs and videos, which he then downloaded onto a laptop for the monks’ review.  When the monks saw how easy roof inspections were with a drone, they quickly became huge “drone fans”, and requested the Hanscom and his wife take some more footage which they then used as part of their presentation to the local government for a grant to fix up some damaged portions of their temple.

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