There is a new law in California regarding drones.  No, it does not mean you can't fly your drone.  No, it does not mean that all drones are banned under all circumstances.  All it means is that if you are a pervert flying your drone, you will be subject to the same laws that cover perverts with cameras.  If you invade someone's privacy by flying your drone over their swimming pool, or fly it into their faces to see their reaction, you will be subject to the same laws that currently regulate idiots with cameras who do the same thing.

Now there are a bunch of articles circulating all over the drone communities saying "CALIFORNIA BANS DRONES!" “GOVERNMENT CRACKS DOWN ON DRONE FLYERS!” and garbage like that.

Read the bill before you read the newspapers on this one.  It basically says you can't use a drone to intrude on someone's privacy beyond what would be "offensive to a reasonable person".

For the legal eagles who are writing headlines like this, let me break this bill down:

Can’t fly a drone onto someone’s land to take a picture a reasonable person would find offensive (so, no drone flying over the neighbor’s pool to take pictures of them in bathing suits).  If you do this, you get in trouble (money fines and you can get sued for big bucks if you are trying to make a profit).  You are also in big doo-doo if you hire a person with a drone to do these things.


That’s it. Just don’t be a Dridiot.  Don’t cancel that order, don’t fire sale your drone collection, the end is not near.  I'm Eric Hanscom, and I'm Droning On And On.




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